Dear Friends:

Here we are again, after a long while of silence. It has been a rather challenging mid 2009/2010 year.  At the end of this time, things are well and we continue to serve the El Triunfo community.  Here is a short report.

  • In March, 2009 I finally moved in my new house in El Triunfo.  As expected, I was very busy trying to make the house livable.
  • Summer 2009:  five students interned with the project and worked at the Medical Clinic in Gualan, and in the community of El Triunfo. When they left, they planned to return in 2010 to conduct very specific programs.
  • Five friends of the Guatemalan Project visited El Triunfo.  They brought medicines, school supplies, and children clothing as gifts.
  • On November, 2009 my pick-up truck was stolen and recovered.  The experience was stressful.
  •  We had a very humble End-of-the-Year festivity.  No toys, just some clothing.
  • The spring of 2010 was a challenge a personal level.  I learned a little bit about the Justice Department in Guatemala.  Everything was ruled on my favor; however, the entire experience was stressful.
  • Summer 2010 began with the return of Lindy Sherman, a student from Arizona who is spending two months learning about the structure and administration of the Guatemalan Project.  I also had the visit of my grandson, Ryan.  Both Lindy and Ryan experienced two small earthquakes, two minor hurricanes, much rain, and AGATHA.  They were able to see, first hand, the crisis intervention mechanism of Guatemala, the destruction caused by Agatha, and the pain of the families who were left with nothing.  They participated in our small effort of assisting some of the families.  This entire time has been very stressful.
  • In May, 2010 my pick-up truck was stolen again.  This time, I did not recover it.  With the help of my friends, two co-signers, and a loan from a local bank, I purchased another pick-up (I now have insurance and GPS).
  • During May, 2010 we spent almost $10,000.00 in fertilizers and pesticides which we gave to the people of El Triunfo as loans so that they can start their “milpas” (corn fields).  This self sustaining program is in its fourth year of life.
  • On June 30th, Dana Im and her five co-students will be returning to El Triunfo from Massachusetts to spend two month working a PROYECTO DOCTORITAS with eight selected girls from El Triunfo.  This program will train the girls so that they will, in turn, train the families in El Triunfo how to use the medical system.  In return for their commitment to work in this project, the eight girls will received full scholarships to go to school.
  • I now have a Facebook page where I have many pictures of what we do in Guatemala.  I invite you to visit it.

We are having a great summer.  Please keep in touch.

Cecilia Campoverde