Proyecto Doctoritas

This project was created by a group of students from Weslleley College in Massachussets, USA. Students visited El Triunfo to asses medical and community needs. They worked with local community members, government officials, and health care persons to plan and initiate a program that promoted community development. 10 teenage girls receive health training and visit families in El Triunfo to share that information. As a reward for their community involvement, the ten girls receive full scholarships to attend Middle School. The Doctoritas project is in its completing its first year of implementation.

The Matt Pueler House Construction Project

A group of young people from New York got together and spend one week helping two families build houses.

The Cielo Program

Oregon Jewish Community Foundation

The Oregon Jewish Community Foundation’s Giving Council granted us a financial contribution to help fund our 2017/2018 Nutrition 1 egg-a-day program.