Dr. Cecilia Campoverde (Volunteer Director)  

Cecilia Campoverde earned her MSW in community organization from Adelphi University, New York. She also earned a MA in education and a Ph.D in research and evaluation from Hofstra University, New York. She is a mental health counselor, and serves in a voluntary position as Director of the HYPERLINK “http://www.ces.fau.edu/projects/guatemala” Guatemalan Project, Inc. a non-profit, tax-exempt public foundation she founded to assist in the development of sustainable micro enterprises for low-income women in Guatemala. Dr. Campoverde co-founded the Latin American Immigrant and Refugee Organization, Inc. and the Guatemalan Maya Quetzal Organization, Inc. She serves as a consultant for those organizations. Further, she is active in several other community organizations. Her research and service interests are in the area of immigration and disabilities. Presently. Campoverde retired and lives in El Triunfo, Guatemala where she works, as a volunteer for the Guatemalan Project and the Asociacion Proyecto Guatemala.


Board of Directors of the Guatemalan Project
Scott Adams, President
Joyce Albu
Mary Morgan
William Morgan
David Feingold
Lauren Feingold
Steve Randel
Mario Hernandez

Jannette Porta-Avalos, Treasurer
Sandra Porta-Merida, Secretary
Lindy Ariff, Fundraising Coordinator
Benjamin Ariff, Website & Media

Board of Directors of the Asociacion Proyecto Guatemala

Rosa Vega, President
​Delia ​Monroy, Vice President
Karen Vargas, Secretary
Cecilia Campoverde, Treasurer
Lesbia Mendez​
Irma Alvarez​
Felipa Lopez