Q: What is the Guatemalan Project?

A: The Guatemalan Project is a private, non-profit, 501(C)(3) organization established in response to Hurricane Mitch devastation of the Eastern region of Guatemala in December 18, 1999. After providing emergency relief to 150 families, it was identified by the families the need to begin to promote employment, skills training, education, and health services. The Guatemalan Project began the work of community organizing. The specific principle followed by the project is that of mutual responsibility; that is, the international community does its social responsibility by proving funds for building an infrastructure, and the community does its individual responsibility by providing all manual labor for the building and the maintenance of the projects.


Q: How do I get in touch with the Guatemalan Project?

A: The best way is to send an email to [email protected]


Q: Is it true that only $500 is needed to send one child to Middle School?

A: Yes, it is true. You, your office, of your group of friends may wish to sponsor a child to continue his or her education. Unfortunately, there is no Middle School in El Triunfo. Children have to travel to the city of Gualan. The cost of transportation, snacks, uniform, shoes, and school supplies is beyond the parent´s income.


Q: Who supports the Guatemalan Project?

A: The main support of the Guatemalan Project comes from individuals who send their tax exempt donations. Corporations, such as Cenetec, and Quaker Oats, Seaboard Marine have also contributed to the Project. Most contributions come from persons, such as yourself.


Q: Who benefits from the Project?

A: Ninety percent of all contributions go to the people of El Triunfo. There is no paid staff and the Project.

Some donors specify their donations to cover programs such as loans, scholarships, etc. Other donors send open donations which usually go to augment the loan program.


Q: How many programs does the Project have?

A: Until October, 2008 the Guatemalan Project had the following programs: Women Micro Enterprises Family Integration Hydroponics Agriculture School School Kitchen Health Clinic Dental Clinic Computer Center Sponsor A Child Sponsor A School Shoebox Holiday Gift. Since 2008, the women of El Triunfo decided that the Guatemalan Project could best serve the raising El Triunfo community by building up the interest-free loan program for the micro-enterprise program, the scholarship programs and the international interns program.


Q: How do I become involved with the Guatemalan Project?

A: We welcome your commitment. Please Contact Us and we will be in touch with you right away.


Q: What is the International Intern Program?

A: Students from anywhere in the world are welcome to spend from one to twelve weeks in El Triunfo as part of their school programs.

All fields of study are welcome.

Specific contracts are written with each school.

Educational objectives and evaluation processes are also individually prepared.

The cost of this project is $500.00 per week. This includes room and board and educational supervision.

All travel expenses are the responsibility of the school of the student.