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In the village of El Triunfo there are no opportunities for students to gain an education past elementary school. These Impoverished youth and their families have no resources to pay for the travel, tuition and uniforms costs required to attend high school in Gualan, a distance of up to two hours walking from their villages.

Scholarships will enable these students to graduate from a high school or trade school that offers academic, vocational and leadership instruction. The education they gain will allow them to access jobs, begin a business or go on to university.

The long-term impact is that the education being provided contributes to the larger community. The ultimate goal is that the training helps bring about positive and lasting improvements in social and economic conditions for all community members.

Middle School Scholarship Program:
Thanks to an educational scholarship grant, several youth from El Triunfo have the opportunity to attend Middle School on partial scholarships. In return, these youth are involved in community projects and work very hard at their studies. With so many kids in our village, there are still many more that are unable to attend school, for many families, they cannot afford to even pay for part of the tuition. The cost of sending a child to school in the nearby city, Gualan, is US $1,500 for 3 years of tuition. If you are interested in donating to this program, please contact us! Partial or total scholarships are always welcome.

Vocational Training Scholarships:
In Guatemala, vocational training centers are located only in the big cities.  Unfortunately, El Triunfo is about 50 miles away from the nearest big city of Zacapa, where the vocational center is located.  This distance raises the cost of vocational training because students must live in Zacapa, where they pay for room and board. Traveling back and fourth is out of the question because classes start at 7:00 AM and there is no early transportation available.  The cost of vocational training is about US $1,500.00 per year.  If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact us.

Match a Dollar Educational Program:
There are young girls and boys who are saving Q1.00 (US $0.14) a day to contribute to their High School education cost when their time come to attend High School.  The cost of one year of High School is US $550. Through their savings, each child will be contributing US $50 a year. Therefore, each child will need an additional US $500 each year. This can be achieved through one sponsor at US $500 or five individual sponsors at US $100 per year. Through this program, these youth are learning how to save and prioritize in their lives. 1 quetzal a day is sometimes all they receive from their families, and instead of buying snacks or candies, they choose to save for their futures. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact us!