With US $150,000 we have successfully built an 8 room elementary school, two one room health clinics, a water tank, 43 houses, given 39 partial scholarships, a 3 room Kindergarten school, lent US $15,000 in small loans, built 50 tables, 90 school tables and chairs, 20 silos, and 40 beds, as well as sent eight shiploads full of merchandise such as clothing and refrigerators from the United States.

Building a Vocational School:
Our current goal is to build a vocational school to serve the adolescents of El Triunfo and the surrounding villages.

There are over 250 young men and women between the ages of 14 and 21 in El Triunfo.  Due to the economy in Guatemala, there are no employment opportunities for them.  A vocational school could teach these youth real skills that would enable them to own their own businesses and provide an opportunity to create a future.

Possible trainings may include:  mechanics, carpentry, plumbing, and masonry.

The Guatemalan Project already has the land to build the vocational center, technical assistance for the construction of the building, and the commitment of the government to supply the training staff. We need sponsors to contribute funds for the building and equipment for the training.  Additionally, we are looking for sponsors to contribute a variety of tools for automotive mechanics and masonry.

Prior to the completion of the school, students will begin a masonry class that will prepare them to be activate participants in the construction process. The building design and construction plans provided by the Municipality of Gualan, will guide the masonry training staff to teach students while they work at building the vocational training center.  The actual building will be the graduation project for the first group of masonry students.  Following groups of masonry students will built all additional rooms for the school.   This model of training while building will reduce the cost of construction.