Since the Scott Adams Elementary School opened its doors in 2005 so that children in El Triunfo, Gualan,
Guatemala have been attending school, a total of fifty five (55) children have finished 6th grade.  Of those, only two have been able to graduate from High School.  Another 29 students have finished Middle School.  Most of the Middle School children were helped by scholarships given to them by the Guatemalan Project with the Community First Foundation as sponsor. Presently, the Foundation is helping twenty five children who will finish their Middle School education in 2012.

In El Triunfo, we began a new program which, hopefully, will allow the 2010 group of children to save money to continue their studies at the High School level.   We call that program I SAVE TO MAKE MY HIGH SCHOOL DREAM COME TRUE.

How does it work?

The Middle School child will save $0.10 a day.

0.10×360 days = $36.00 x 3 yeas =$108.00

However, it takes $500.00 to attend one year of High School.  Most of the expenses go into registration free, transportation, school projects, and the purchase of books and school supplies.

Here is where we wish you could come in.

We need four sponsors per child.  Each sponsor must give a donation of $110.00 a year for three years; that is just about 10.00 per month.

We already have ten Middle School children who have began saving this year.  They do hope to be able to go to High School in 2011.  One of them, Estuardo wishes to go to mechanic’s school.  Another one, Jorge, wishes to become a computer technician.

In order to make your donation, please write your check to:

All checks donations must be made to: Guatemalan Project. On the subject line, please write “HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM”.  On back of the check, please write “TO BE DEPOSITED IN ACCOUNT NUMBER 1201700745”.

Guatemalan Project
6613 Greg Way
Lake Worth,  FL 33467

We will greatly appreciate it if you also send us an email to [email protected] to inform us of your wish to make a child’s high school dream come true.  If you wish to learn more about this program, please send me an email with your telephone number and I will gladly call you.

After we hear from you, we will send you the name and information about your child, including a picture.  You will be able to communicate directly with the child, if you wish, and become a pen-pal or mentor.  We will also publish the names of the sponsors and the names of the sponsored children in our web page.

We thank you for your support.  Remember that all your donations to our organization are tax deductible.