From Guatemala, from each of the homes of the people of El Triunfo, we
send you our most heartfelt thanks for your kindness and continued
generosity, and our best wishes for a peaceful and loving Holiday
season, 2014.

We continue to be firm in our mission of providing opportunities for
the people to work and to be healthy, to learn a skill that will allow
them to work, and to open doors so that children can go to school and
eventually break the cycle of poverty.  In others words, we teach the
economically poor people how to fish.  This mission could not be
possible if it were not for your mission which is to make sure that
there is a river where to fish. Your donations make that river

All the people of El Triunfo send you their thanks for your efforts
and pray so that you, your families, your businesses, and your friends
continue to progress in justice, in peace, in health, in economics
and in love.

Cecilia Campoverde, PhD, MSW, MA Director
Asociacion Proyecto Guatemala