Annual Report from Guatemala

December 15, 2020

The year 2020, for us, as for many people will be unforgettable: we learned that we can do great things, that in the midst of so much turmoil we are capable of showing patience, understanding, solidarity, and love.  Many of us answered the knock at the door and let the Lord into our hearts. He brought us hope, peace and reminded us of His fidelity, to be with us always, and his promise of His kingdom to those who persevere in his trust and practice His commandments. 

The pandemic of the Covid 19 showed itself at the beginning of March. Guatemala received an unprepared government order that paralyzed commerce; all public transportation was stopped which brought as a result the loss of employment. After nine and a half months, this situation is beginning to subside: most transportation are available but at double the price of each ticket to compensate for the half occupancy required by law of all transport. Most people have been called back to work on a temporary and non-contractual basis. The patience and understanding of the people are reaching their max and there are many signs of discontent among the workers.

Together with the pandemic, Guatemala had a severe winter with strong winds and hurricanes that surpassed the strength of Hurricane Mitch back in 1999. Just as then, the Eastern region of Guatemala (which is the area where we work) was most affected by the hurricanes. The Western region (Mayan country) was most affected by rain and landslides. It has been during this time, from June to December when the solidarity and love of the people for their fellow human being was and still is shown the most.

Most people shared a small portion of whatever they had and still bring it to the people housed at the shelters that are opened everywhere.  The churches, closed to the church goers have become shelter of refuge for the survivors. We continue to work with hundreds of volunteers who feed and take care of their most basic needs.

We are hopeful that, with your help, we will continue to address one of the most worrisome problems in our community, that of alleviating the fragility of young women who find themselves without family support and without hope to reach their potentials.  They live in anguish and in pain and many end up being ´used´ and discarded in the community; many of them end up in uneven age relationships, that is a 15 year girl with a 50 or more years old man, others being exchanged from hand to hand and having babies, many of whom are then, literally, discarded as garbage down the barracks. A half block of land has been donated for the purpose of building a refuge for those young girls. The project has already started. We have almost finished building the security fence around it. 

With God’s help and your financial support, we will begin the construction of the refuge that will temporarily house up to ten young girls who will receive counseling and basic training in cooking, bread making, fast food preparation, and assistance to start their own small business that could sustain them until further development of future employment opportunities and a better life. 

Another result of the displacement of entire villages because of the rains has been the destruction of local country schools while there has been an increase in the number of small children.  The Guatemalan Project donated a 12×20 meters lot to the Municipality of Gualan to build a kindergarten school in the village of El Triunfo. The municipality has committed to provide two teachers and pay for the maintenance of the school. We will need either funds or materials to build the school.

We will appreciate any and all assistance you can give to serve our youth in providing a refuge for the young women and a kindergarten school for the small children. 

Many of you will wish to send us your donation via one of the two engines that you will find in our web page at   Either STRIPE or NETWORKFORGOOD are fine.

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On behalf of the children and families of El Triunfo, I thank all our donors, who with their donations do great services: we purchase medical services, transportation to hospitals and doctors´ offices, house repair materials, food, scholarships for one young mechanic and another one for a soldier both of whom are now working, and a total of 133 wood burning CHISPA stoves for 133 families. 

All the children and families of El Triunfo in Guatemala wish you a blessed Holiday and a prosperous New Year.

Gratefully, Cecilia Campoverde.


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