Middle School Program, Many Children Need Your Help



The Scott Adams Elementary School in El Triunfo began on January, 2003. Over 130 children have graduated from it.  Only twenty three have been able to attend Middle School, thanks to the generosity of the PBJ Foundation.

In order for a child to attend Middle School, he or she has to travel to Gualan – some eight miles away; he or she has to purchase a uniform that includes a daily and a gym set, each with special shoes; the student has to purchase all books and supplies, pay matriculation fee, English classes (mandated but not given within the school program), and typing (also mandated but conducted elsewhere). Classes run from 7:00 a till 2:00 pm; therefore, children must either bring lunch or purchase it.

The cost of a year of Middle School education is about $250.00.

Many children in El Triunfo want to go to Middle School.  You can make their dreams come true.

Send us an email to guatemalanproject@gmail.com telling us of your wish to sponsor a child to Middle School.  We will gladly send you five pictures of children who are now attending 6th grade and who will graduate in October, 2010.  You will be able to choose from them and to communicate with your selected child before you make your donation.

All checks donations must be made to: Guatemalan Project. On the subject line, please write “Middle School Program”.

Guatemalan Project
6613 Greg Way
Lake Worth,  FL 33467

Cecilia Campoverde, PhD, Director of the Guatemalan Project

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