Internship Reflection

Posted at Sep 12, 2012 |

This summer, I had the pleasure of working with The Guatemalan Project, a small non-profit that serves the community of El Triunfo. As an Economics and Spanish major, I set out to work with Microfinance and community development. My work ranged from attending community meetings to processing microloans to managing scholarship funds. I have notRead more

Report from Guatemala

Posted at Feb 28, 2011 |

Dear friends of the Guatemalan Project: On behalf of the people of El Triunfo, especially of the children of El Triunfo, I thank you again and again for your generosity that allows us to reach small but tangible goals that benefit many people in El Triunfo.  I also thank you for your best wishes forRead more

Needed: Ambulance and Water Tank

Posted at Jul 30, 2010 |

WE NEED AN AMBULANCE WE NEED A WATER TANK Dear friends:  the volunteer firemen and firewomen of Gualan, Guatemala desperately need an ambulance to answer their emergency calls, and a water tank to bring water to fire sites. If you know of any hospital which may wish to discard their used ambulances, please bring thisRead more


Posted at Jul 23, 2010 |

Since the Scott Adams Elementary School opened its doors in 2005 so that children in El Triunfo, Gualan, Guatemala have been attending school, a total of fifty five (55) children have finished 6th grade.  Of those, only two have been able to graduate from High School.  Another 29 students have finished Middle School.  Most of theRead more

Middle School Program, Many Children Need Your Help

Posted at Jul 23, 2010 |

BE PART OF A CHILD’S DREAM SEND A CHILD TO MIDDLE SCHOOL The Scott Adams Elementary School in El Triunfo began on January, 2003. Over 130 children have graduated from it.  Only twenty three have been able to attend Middle School, thanks to the generosity of the PBJ Foundation. In order for a child toRead more

Triumphant Soccer Team

Posted at Jul 23, 2010 |

Dear Friends: There are 23 children in El Triunfo who want to play soccer and have formed the TRIUMPHANT TEAM (EQUIPO TRIUNFANTE).  They want to have soccer shoes, uniforms, and protectors. The children rank in ages from eight to twelve years. We need $1,000.00 to purchase uniforms and equipment for the team. We need your help.Read more